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Hailing from beautiful Portland, Maine, I've had the opportunity to live in and travel to many amazing places. After college I moved to Costa Rica to teach English, and ended up staying for 5 years. Life in Latin America was an absolute delight, but my growth was limited. So after then living all over the US (and Canada!) I landed in San Diego to share my passion as a private yoga instructor.

Now, I may sound like a super chill, care-free, nomadic gal, but let me tell you that under my calm and collected appearance I'm often full of anxiety, stress and debilitating perfectionism. Yoga has helped me tremendously in culling my less-helpful traits, so I can focus more on what matters–living with purpose, being empowered and healthy, and helping others live their best life.

Since intention and mindfulness are so important to me, and since the depth of these concepts showed up to me through yoga, I want to use this space to say this: every thing we do has an impact. Every interaction counts. How we show up for our loved ones and the planet; how we interact with coworkers, strangers; what we eat, read, watch, listen to and with whom and where we spend our time all matter and have a greater impact than we may realize. It's easier to live unconsciously, letting our habits lead the way. Maybe you're like me–knowing there's more to it all and ready to wake up and take back control for a richer life.

If that resonates and you're ready to step it up, I'd love to hear from you! Because, as a private yoga instructor, I live to help others do what I've managed to do, which is get strong, find my inner power, live mindfully, adopt better habits and a healthier mindset to deal with all the internal bs we tell ourselves. Yoga has been the conduit for my transformation: all of my relationships are stronger; I've invited in a partner who loves and respects me (a few years ago this was a verrry different picture); I quit my job and now do what I'm passionate about for a living, on my schedule, all while living steps from the beach in San Diego.

Yoga is such an empowering process and it creates space for growth. Both on and off the mat, yoga is all about personal progress–being willing and able to do something we weren't able to do before. It's a window into who we really are and helps us recognize our personal power so we can truly live empowered every day. When we open up on the mat, we open up to the world and those around us. The physical practice makes me strong, both in body and mind, and the philosophical piece inspires the way I show up in the world: with purpose, love, compassion and kindness for self and others.

You are worthy, you are capable, you are inherently valuable, your voice matters, you deserve to have what you desire.

Yoga is for everyone, and I'm here to bring private yoga lessons and empowerment coaching to those who are interested in playing big, challenging themselves, going after their dreams an discovering what they're truly capable of, all to step into their power and grow into the best version of self.

How I Can Serve And Support You

Health & Wellness

From food to exercise, to whom you spend your time with and what you watch, everything you do impacts your wellbeing. I can support you in making positive changes with a wellness audit.

Strength Building

Physically, mentally and emotionally, I can help you step into your power.

Improved Habits

Forming new habits can be hard. I make it easier for you to trade out unhealthy habits that don't serve you for ones that support your goal attainment and full potential.


We can only grow and change if we get to know ourselves and get real with ourselves. I can help you understand yourself better in order to cultivate personal transformation.


You are capable and deserving of having all that you desire, and truly anything is possible when you stop playing small. I can help you build confidence, use your voice and go after what you want.


When you know your worth you live authentically, go after what you want and stop settling. I can support you in releasing deeply rooted programming and limiting beliefs so you can step into your value.


This is inextricably tied to self-worth. When you love and respect yourself you're able to set and maintain healthy boundaries, which ultimately serves everyone involved. I can help you become a boundary boss!


Whether romantic, familial or platonic, I can give you tools and support to cultivate more understanding and compassion, communicate your needs, set boundaries and earn respect for more equitable, fulfilling relationships.

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