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The Deets

This is for you if you:

➳ want to cultivate more self-love

➳ struggle with low self-worth

➳ have weak or nonexistent boundaries

➳ lack confidence

➳ allow fear to hold you back

➳ are ready to change habits and behavior patterns

➳ aren't having your needs met

➳ are tired of biting your tongue and people pleasing

want to improve your relationships

are ready to step it up in your career or business

In this program you'll learn how to:

➳ recognize your inherent worth

➳ value, love and respect yourself (in action!)

➳ find, and play to, your strengths and gifts

➳ let go of fear, old programming and limiting beliefs

➳ use your voice

➳ set compassion-based boundaries

➳ prioritize your needs (without guilt!)

What you'll walk away with/who you'll be after

What's the most authentic, confident, empowered version of you like?

How does she behave? What energy does she give off? What does she do for work and for fun? What kind of people does she hang around? What are her relationships like? How's her health? Are you inspired by her?

This version of you already resides within you. I can help you bring her out!

By enrolling in Empower-Up you're taking the first step toward getting into the driver's seat of your life. If you feel, to any degree, that your life is not how you want it to be, then this will help you move forward, in the direction of the life you dream of. Seriously.

If you play small in ANY part of your life, feel disempowered in your relationships or current circumstances, I have tools to help you play big, level-up and step into your most authentic, confident, badass self.

What you get:

➳ 8 live, virtual group coaching calls for support, community and accountability

➳ 2 one-on-one calls with me for deep, personalized attention

➳ 4 online "class" modules

➳ reflection and actions steps (this is where the magic happens!)

➳ unlimited access to me m-f, 10-5 😉


➳ we'll kick off in Spring 2022!

➳ group calls will happen once each week

➳ a new module will drop every two weeks

➳ you get two 1:1 calls with me during the program


"I knew that the moment I met [Margy], she was put in my life for a reason. I was broken, depressed, lost and had no confidence. I decided to schedule coaching with her and see if she can change my attitude on life. In the short time I have seen her, my ability to live life to the fullest has greatly flourished. She is open minded, nonjudgmental, kind, and genuinely wants to see women succeed at life. One thing about the coaching sessions I love, she holds me accountable to my weekly goals. She will periodically text me to check in and see if I have thought about the goals I created for myself. For me, that is HUGE because if I don’t have the accountability from someone, I often shy away from the things I need to do and not make it a priority in my day. She has made me realize A LOT of things in my life need a little tweaking and that this isn’t a bad thing because I am on a road to recovery, which will in turn bring me peace and happiness. I am so grateful for Margy and all that she has done for me. I will forever tell every woman who is needing help achieving empowerment to go see Margy."




Victoria W.

San Diego

"Women Rising has absolutely changed my life. When I first joined, I really needed support and community with other women to help me get through the end of an unhealthy relationship and get back in touch with myself. I was hooked right away! What I found with the women's empowerment circles was a welcoming and open space where women can connect with one another in meditation and support each other by listening and sharing. I've met really genuine women who have turned into amazing friends and I've found a place where I can come and reset each week, connect with feminine energy, and feel supported in ways I wouldn't otherwise.

Margy has a warm, welcoming, and bright energy--it's obvious she cares about each woman at the circle and wants to be sure we all feel comfortable, heard, and respected. I've brought a ton of friends to Women Rising because I think women need more spaces like this. I can't recommend Margy or her empowerment circles highly enough!"

testimonial kira c



Kira C.

San Diego

Meet Margy, your private yoga instructor

Hi! I'm Margy.

I’m a recovered small-is-safe people pleaser who used to give till my cup ran dry. I wouldn’t be able to count the number of times I allowed others’ wants, or my fears of being rejected or abandoned, to dictate what I did. I spent many years in long term relationships giving to “partners” who didn’t reciprocate (at best) or became abusive.

Fortunately, primarily through the mindfulness that yoga cultivates, I started to lift the veil and became aware of the patterns I repeated and of the BS I tolerated. Apparently, I didn't think I was all that worthy. It was an awakening.

I’ve learned to set boundaries, ask for what I need, not smile and stay quiet when people (men in particular) say stupid or offensive sh*t. I don’t put up with bad behavior in relationships, I’ve stepped into the role of boss entrepreneur, have become a leader in my community, and realistically just feel empowered AF. And everyone around me has noticed.