Private yoga lessons in San Diego

"Margy was phenomenal! She agreed to be a private yoga instructor for a group of my girlfriends and me. She led a wonderful hour-long yoga flow on the beach! She was extremely happy to accommodate us and ensured it was everything we wanted. Her communication skills were unparalleled while being extremely professional about it all. It was clear that our needs were her top priority. She was even able to bring enough extra mats for our whole group! (~10 girls). Overall was completely overjoyed by the experience. It was a beautiful session we all had together and we were able to surprise a friend for her birthday. I plan on scheduling a session with Margy every time I come into San Diego!"

Amanda J., Culver City, CA

"Margy led a private virtual yoga class for my team at work - it was fabulous! Margy has a very soothing voice and led us through a fun and creative full-body workout. She demonstrated each move so we could easily follow along and gave clear explanations for all different levels. As an advanced yogi (20+ years practicing), I was challenged and engaged throughout the class. I highly recommend Margy - and would definitely hire her again for my company!"

Megan C., San Diego, CA

"I have been lucky enough to practice yoga quite a bit. I have tried many places as well! We were on vacation in California and I reached out to Margy to see if she would come out to our rental home to do private yoga for a ladies getaway weekend. BOY, were we blown away! She was SO catering towards our wishes, incredibly patient, kind, intentional, professional, and knowledgeable. She was also generous in bringing her own clean mats (for eight women!) and a speaker. The moment I'm back in SD, I will be calling her! Thank you for everything, Margy. You are the best!"

Carly H., Portland, OR

"Margy is the best! I am not very skilled in yoga, but she always provides easy instruction making it super easy to follow her. Her approach is laid back, casual, and non-intimidating allowing you to push yourself or go easy. Oh, and did I mention how sweet she is? You will love her!"

Sue H., San Diego, CA