Offering yoga that'll make you strong, empowered and surprise you with what you're capable of.

Hi! You’re probably here because you’re in search of a way to get fit and healthy, maybe you want to de-stress, become more self-aware, or because you think it would be rad to be able to do a full split.

Well, if you are ready to feel strong, step into your power and reconnect with your body, and are serious about improving your health and becoming more mindful, you’ve arrived at the right place!

Take it from me, there is so much room for growth and transformation through yoga, and not just physically.

Frankly, I didn’t care for yoga at first, and I struggled to survive each class. Now I struggle if I don’t practice. If you don’t think you can be “good” at yoga, let me change that.

Ultimately, when you choose to work with me you will get healthier, feel empowered and get to see what you’re truly capable of.  

Now, I know you lead a busy life. Trying to squeeze in a little self-care can feel like just another item on your to-do list and the pressure to workout becomes another stressor. 

Let me lighten your load by bringing the yoga to YOU.

⤗ I offer private yoga sessions and small group classes that work around your busy lifestyle

⤗ Treating greater San Diego, classes conveniently take place in your home or outdoors on a weekly basis, at a time that works best for you

⤗ Private yoga lessons are an excellent way to get serious about your health and feel the benefits quickly, and the best way to dig deep and actually meet your goals (1 private session = 5 group classes!)

⤗ Working on a super specialized level we’re able to focus on what you’d like and need that day, with attention given to personalized modifications and hands on adjustments that suit your unique body

I promise you will feel more confident, increase your strength, improve daily habits and have a healthier mindset; you’ll be able to show up more fully and do the things you’ve been holding yourself back from.

It’s time to make yourself a priority by investing in your well-being.

You are STRONG, you are POWERFUL, you are CAPABLE.


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one-on-one classes

I'm here to help you make your well-being a priority by making tailored yoga classes convenient and accessible, and by holding you accountable! I bring the yoga to you--in your San Diego home or office (ahem, home-office), on a weekly basis, at a time that works for you.

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private group classes

Whether you live locally or are visiting from out of town, private yoga classes are a super fun group activity (think: birthdays, bachelorettes, bridal parties), and a great way to stick with your practice if away from your home studio. Mats are provided and I travel to you!


Believe it or not, I didn’t used to like yoga. I tried it a few times, it just didn’t seem like it would ever be “my thing”. I knew it was good for me, but postures hurt, I lacked grace, felt self-conscious and wondered how my practice could ever grow.

What ultimately got me hooked was how fluid and connected to, and confident in, my body I began to feel. Day to day movements became more comfortable with increased flexibility and I could see major differences in the way my body looked. Eventually, mastering difficult postures was empowering, which led to personal power off the mat.

Reflecting upon my yoga journey, from having zero interest, to having interest and zero skill, it’s incredibly rewarding to see the progress that’s possible with a consistent practice. The body and mind are capable of so much more than we may believe. This is an empowering lesson which I take with me off my mat and into daily life, and which I work to instill in others.

While the physical transformation I’ve experienced through yoga is significant, what’s more is all that the practice has taught me

beyond the movement and postures. Mindfulness, self-awareness, intention, patience, grace, self-love and confidence guide me, and have helped me create the life of my dreams.

I love sharing the transformational power of yoga. And one of my favorite parts is building meaningful connections with clients. With over 10 years of experience, I’ve developed a knack for reading the body, tailoring classes to suit your unique needs, and am keenly aware of postural alignments and the importance of the breath. And I promise, I keep it fun even when I’m pushing you.

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